on 2022-06-29

The Site

This is just a little site up for my own personal enjoyment— it's hosted locally by me, with DNS provided by Cloudflare. If there are any problems, you want to request that your content be removed, have a correction/clarification, or simply want to chat, just email me (see footer).

This site has two main categories: 'posts' and my 'blog'. 'posts' will be reserved for brass instrument adjacent topics- instruments I find interesting or happen to own, personal experiences playing brass, or bits of research I've done. 'blog' will be other topics I wish to share, but not necessarily ones directly related to the core of this site

Who am I?

I'm just a mediocre french horn player who finds brass instruments interesting, and just wants to learn more. And since I'm learning anyways, I might as well share some of it!

Thanks to...

Thank you to the Zola team, nginx, and keith for creating the theme I use, Archie-Zola. While I did end up modifying Archie heavily, it's a fantastic starting point

And yes, I'm aware that the dark mode colors roughly match EVA01- once I noticed, I fully committed to the bit and made dark mode almost entirely EVA01. Who knows, I might go even further and make Light Mode totally match EVA02 (probably not though, that'd be a bit too red. Unreadable levels of red. Fun to think about though!).